Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Firmly Dated

Coming real soon...

Posted by Staff
Activision has put a firm release date to Spider-Man: Web of Shadows in the UK.

October 24th is when the game will ship across all formats. Previously the publisher had only gone so far as to state that the title would be out in October.

Without a Spider-Man film release for Activision to hang the game on this year, it has moved closer to Spidey's comic book roots, bringing in oodles of Marvel guest stars such as Wolverine, Luke Cage and the Black Cat and having a plot that's more epic in scale than the movie tie-ins. It hasn't strayed too far from the subject matter of Spider-Man 3, however, with the Webbed Wonder having an army of symbiote clones spawned from Venom and that nasty black costume to deal with. Hopefully dancing emo, Peter Parker, won't make an appearance, though...

For more on the game, check out SPOnG's dedicated game page.


Jovelyn 22 May 2012 04:43
just bought the game , it sucks rellay bad when your walking you sound like your walking on hard snow all the time . these games use to be good their trying to hard to make it look real most of the animals look´╗┐ stupid adding to much crap in it makes it worse go back to when you took you gun and went hunting not all this other bullshit what a waste of money !!!!!!!!!!!
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