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Iíve always been quite a fan of the Resident Evil series, but Iím not a portable gaming kind of guy, so I gave Revelations a miss when it was released for the 3DS. Lucky for me, we have a home console version coming, and Iíve got my hands on a preview copy.

Revelations is set in 2005, between the events of RE4 and 5. Itís based around BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance) co-founders Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield as well as their new partners, and former FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) agents Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat.

In 2004, Parker and Jessica were two FBC agents sent to the ďfloating cityĒ of Terragrigia when the bioterrorist organisation Veltro launched an attack on the city using bio-organic weapons (BOWs).

The FBC overloaded the cityís solar power source in order to fry the BOWs and the city alike, leaving it in ruins. This lead to Veltro creating the T-Abyss virus using a similar formula to the deadly T-virus and threatening to deploy it to approximately one fifth of the Earthís oceans.

We start out in the middle of the Mediterranean controlling Jill Valentine. Accompanied by her partner, Parker Luciani, she's heading to what appears to be an abandoned cruise ship in search of Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat at their last known GPS location.

Revelations has attempted to revisit Resident Evil's roots by incorporating much more survival horror than the previous few titles, as well as focusing more on exploration and puzzle solving. So how has Capcom done?

Well, as you can probably imagine, the cruise ship isnít abandoned at all. In fact, itís far from abandoned. Itís dark too, very dark. Hell, this is a survival horror game thatís actually quite scary at times, believe it or not. It has a very eerie feel as youíre wading through partially flooded corridors wondering where the next BOWís going to jump out from.

Now, some people would argue that a lack of ammunition makes an atmosphere much more intense, scary and well, survival-y. Well, it does, but it also pisses me off to the point where Iíll happily take the disc from my console, put it back in the case and place the box on my ĎTo gather dustí pile.

Iíve found myself, during two separate boss battles, running completely out of ammo, rendering me basically helpless. I mean, yeah, Iíve got my little combat knife, but what good is that against a 10 foot BOW with 80% armoured skin? None, and Iíve had to restart from a previous checkpoint a few times.

A new feature to Revelations is the ĎGenesisí Ė a tool that can be used to scan the area for any hidden items (ammo, herbs etc) as well as to scan BOWs. Each time you scan a BOW, you receive X%. Once you reach 100%, youíll receive a herb, which can be used to heal your character.

You may now be thinking ĎWell, itís clear that you havenít been using the Genesis often enough, and thatís why you donít have enough ammoí. Well, youíre wrong. Iím the type of guy who explores every room and every corridor in search of ammo/collectible items, and I still find myself a few bullets short every now and then.

As for the puzzle-solving and exploration aspects of Revelations (they tie-in together, sometimes), Capcom hasnít done a bad job. We donít have hundreds of easy puzzles, or a few ridiculously hard ones. Thereís a nice balance of brain testing challenges and Ďgo for a walk, see if you find what youíre afterí sections.

You start out with a basic pistol but, as you can probably guess, as you progress through the game you find new weapons such as shotguns, rifles and machine guns. Youíll sometimes come across customisable parts for your weapons Ė you may be able to add a bit more firepower or capacity, or even more critical hit damage.
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Jake 11 Apr 2013 09:51
No offense, but I disagree with the lack of ammo and lack of campaign co-op being bad. Resident Evil 0 through to 4 had limited ammo and no co-op. That made Resident Evil survival horror. Resident Evil 5 & 6 (although not bad in my opinion) have been criticized for implementing endless amounts of ammunition and 2 player co-op. Although Parker (The A.I) is present he pretty much steps aside and never steals the spot light. If you play smart with your ammunition you may realise that survival horror titles play very differently from most shootem ups and they require you to play smart and be resourceful. Resident Evil on the 3Ds was by far in my top 5 resi titles and the flow of gameplay is near flawless. The flashbacks obviously haven't been removed which were implemented for referal while playing on the go.
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