So, Ubisoft's "Own" Mr Caffiene is a Hired Pitch Man?

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So, Ubisoft's "Own" Mr Caffiene is a Hired Pitch Man?
Possibly one of lowest points of E3 ever - maybe any video game event ever - was the appearance of Ubisoft's 'own' Mr Caffeine - Aaron Priceman. Turns out that in an event filled with Kinect Star Wars like sleight of hand tricks, "Ubisoft's own" doesn't really match the whole truth.

Aaron is in fact a hand-for-hire pitchman, rather than Ubisoft's own man. In fact, even Aaron is up-front when he states on his own site that, "Known as alter-ego “Mr. Caffeine to (GameStop) this #1 game retailer, their national managers annually experience my demos and training for upcoming titles"

Find out more about him right here for more proof of wool-pulling at E3.

And enjoy this.

And then this...



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