Miyamoto on Peach - the Fat Princess

Back story left on the backburner

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Miyamoto on Peach - the Fat Princess
Shigeru Miyamoto's doesn't see much point in adding back-story to Mario games - thank the gods. Recently, however, he's run into some direct argument on this topic while making New Super Mario Bros. Wii (hands-on here).

"They always want to have these dramatic scenes where Princess Peach gets kidnapped, but I always tell them, no, itís fine", he tells Wired, explaining, "Princess Peach likes cake, so you can just have them use cake as bait to kidnap Princess Peach, and thatís enough."

So, what has Peach's history with the confection done for a character? Apparently, "'Glutton' was the word in Japanese he used to describe Princess Peach".

This story into Shiggy games debate is not a new one, though. Yoshiaki Koizumi, said in 2007 that, "I would sort of try to find sneaky ways to get it in without them (the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development team, aka Shiggy)noticing too much.

Apprently this is news to Miyamoto-san. However, this time, "he (Koizumi) agrees and feels that with Galaxy 2, there wonít be a need for as deep of a story", says Miyamoto.

Source: Wired


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