First Looks



Weird and undercooked

Original Journey

A morally challenging story of potatoes

No Heroes Here

Just the other guys

Nine Parchments

Watch out for friendly magic fire!


A bonkers minimalist platformer


More a religion sim than a god sim

Augmented Empire

Turn-based combat in VR


First LookCrest12|Oct|17
First LookAugmented Empire5|Oct|17
First LookPAX West 2017: Archangel22|Sep|17
First LookPAX East 2017: Loot Rascals20|Apr|17
First LookNintendo Switch Hands-On: The Ups, The Downs, The Games16|Jan|17
First LookPSVR Impressions: Battlezone20|Oct|16
First LookPSVR Impressions: Tethered17|Oct|16
First LookNecropolis6|Sep|16
First LookInsane Robots14|Jun|16
First LookI Want to be Human6|Jun|16

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