Review Civilization VI (Switch)

Handheld Godliness

Review SEGA Mega Drive Classics - Switch

A mega drive down memory lane

Review Hitman 2

Bald, beautiful and bigger than ever

Review The Council: Episode 4: Burning Bridge

A narrowing of generalists

Review Valkyria Chronicles 4

Let slip the squads of war

Review Marvel's Spider-Man

No flies on this game

Review LEGO The Incredibles

A dad's-eye view

Review Forgotten Anne

There's an actual Cities of Gold reference in here

Review Onrush

Overwatch on wheels

Review The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek

Still one of the most intriguing adventure series on the market

Review Earthlock

A sweet homage to classic JRPGs

Review God of War

Kratos grows waaaaay up

Preview Worlds Adrift

Become a DIY sky pirate

Review Burly Men at Sea

Manly men in a small world

Review Manticore: Galaxy on Fire

A solid space combat game for the Switch

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