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I don't want to go to Chelsea

Posted 19 Oct 2004 10:07 by
Final UK box art: Released October 29th
Final UK box art: Released October 29th
With a franchise as unshakeably popular as Grand Theft Auto, our journalistic instincts tell us to be as ferociously cynical as possible: hoping to part the sea of hype that San Andreas so effortlessly surfs upon to reveal a muddy bed of mediocrity. Indeed, it was with this is mind that we set about our mission to visit Rockstar's London offices, in the salubrious streets of Chelsea. Surpressing our urges to carjack one of the steady stream of Mercs and Beemers ("but officer, San Andreas made me do it...") we trekked on through the rain in search of San Andreas.

Within minutes of the demonstration commencing, however, any hope of finding something negative to say was immediately dispelled. SPOnG loved GTA III and Vice City, and this offers everything good about those plus some. Quite frankly, promoting this game must be the easiest job in the world. Rockstar's PR folk could have slapped us in the face with a kipper, kicked us in the nuts, stolen our dinner money, and cancelled all their advertising and a gushingly positive preview would still be the only one possible. But as it happens, the PR folk were really lovely - not least because it was their hands feeding SPOnG this delicious glimpse of what will surely become one of the biggest selling games of all time.
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SPInGSPOnG 19 Oct 2004 11:16
This sounds like a whole bunch more of the same to me. I mean, OK - props to BigRockCockstar for coming up with the whole GranThefturismo concept in the first place - but they are flogging a dead horse a bit now, aren't they?

Rather than putting the considerable talents of DMA^H^H^H Rockstar North to creating original new games, they are just taking the safe and rather sad EA route of wheeling out the equine corpse, and making it up and jiggling it about a bit for that "not really dead" effect.

Sure there's a bit of new stuff in GTASA. But it's hardly a motherload is it. Yeah, I'm sure the gullible saps, sorry, fans of the series will lap it up a couple more times... but even they have to get bored eventually.
Kaxxx 19 Oct 2004 11:38
Ive never really warmed to the series and im sure nothing will change with this one either. Plenty of people love the series and fair enough to them though. If you like GTA then this is going to be a superb addition to the series.

Personally, i let it pass me by.
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