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Industry Figure: Paul Rustchynsky
Job Title: Design Director
Company: Evolution Studios
Best Known For: DriveClub, Motorstorm RC

Evolution Studios became the darling of Sony's British output during the launch of the PlayStation 3, where it released the original Motorstorm alongside the Blu-ray console. After several sequels and spinoffs - including the addictive Motorstorm RC - the developer is taking its hand to the PS4, with the upcoming DriveClub.

We speak with design director Paul Rustchynsky on whether now is the time to have a new console generation, and the excitement surrounding E3 ahead of the show earlier this month.

Do you feel that we are entering a new console generation too soon? Or can it not come soon enough? And why?

Honestly, it cannot come soon enough! Weíre ready for the next evolution of how we connect with our friends in games and the ease with which we access our entertainment, and thatís whatís coming this year.

Itís not like weíre running out of great games to play in the mean time though, I mean The Last of Us has just arrived and the number of perfect review scores it has received is crazy!

E3 2013
E3 2013
How excited are you for E3? What kinds of announcements or showcases would surprise you, as both a developer and as a gamer?

I always get excited in the run up to E3, especially because Iím lucky enough to get to go to the show! Knowing that Iíll finally get my hands on so many things that Iíve been excited about for ages makes me feel a lot like I used to as a kid around Christmas.

My expectations are a lot higher this year, because of what Ďnext generationí means this time around. Iím more excited than Iíve ever been about it, because itís not just about getting to see new games that look stunning anymore; itís about how weíll be able to play, who we can play with and how seamlessly we can get into doing what we love most, which is what this Ďnext generationí is all about. And I canít wait to show everyone more of DRIVECLUB too!

Thanks to Paul for his time.

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