T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger - PlayStation

Also known as: T'ai-Fu', 'Tai Fu', 'Tai-Fu

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Viewed: 3D Third-person, floating camera Genre:
Beat 'Em Up
Arcade origin:No
Developer: Dreamworks
Publishers: Activision (GB/US/JP)
Released: Apr 1999 (GB)
Unknown (US/JP)
Accessories: Memory Card, Dual Shock JoyPad


Experience the way of the ancient art of Tiger Kung Fu in T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger on the Sony PlayStation. This is authentic fighting action like you have never seen before. T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger is a 3D action adventure title where you must travel through the land taking out all that oppose you. The going will be tough, but if you persevere you just might come out on top.

The characters in T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger are animal based which is an original twist to this type of game. Your tiger’s moves are initially limited but every time you defeat a boss you learn new skills and abilities. You are able to perform multi-hitting combinations that require timing but inflict massive amounts of damage. At the end of the combo you can even pull off chi moves that are equally impressive and devastating. One of your best moves is the throw, you can pick up enemies and toss them off cliffs or onto sharp spikes, ouch.

The gameplay in T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger is easy to learn and that makes it a fun game to play. The camera intelligently swings behind you to give a clear view of the action. The new moves that you will learn add diversity to the game mechanics and soon you will build a repertoire of more than 70 moves.

With over 20 levels to quest through, there is a lot of game here for you, especially considering the recent release on budget label. Beware the T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger, watch out Dragon Master your time is up.


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Project Leader/Producer
Lead Artist

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