Grand Theft Auto V - PS4

Also known as: 'GTA V', 'Grand Theft Auto V: Collector's Edition', 'Grand Theft Auto V: Special Edition'
Viewed: 3D Third-person, over the shoulder
Genre: Adventure: Free Roaming

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Grand Theft Auto V Is Now Available for PC Press Release

Grand Theft Auto V is now available for PC at retail stores and via digital download

14 Apr 2015

GTAV Updates: Online Heists Coming March 10 Press Release

GTAV for PC Coming April 14

24 Feb 2015

UK Video Game Charts: Guns Beat Fists News

Sniping violence beats kicking and punching violence in UK video game charts

30 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: UFC Dogs Ubisoft News

Watch_Dogs gets a proper kicking from EA's kicking and punching game...

23 Jun 2014

GTA V PS4 Depresses Kojima News

Rockstar's stab at the new generation of consoles is making Metal Gear man blue

18 Jun 2014

The GTA Online "I'm Not a Hipster" Update Is Now Available Press Release

Express your incredible individualism and stand out from the herd with The post ironic, artisanal, organic, entirely independent, 100% re-claimed “I’m Not a Hipster” Update now available for Grand Theft Auto Online.

17 Jun 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Watch Dogs Bite FIFA News

The World Cup in Brazil still can't kick FIFA 14 to the top of the Chart-Track Charts

16 Jun 2014

Possible GTA V Exclusive Deal for PS4 News

Sony exec comes up with the news in a form of waffle...

12 Jun 2014

GTA V Coming to Xbox One and PS4 AND PC News

Rockstar makes it official at last - watch the trailer!

10 Jun 2014

Take 2: GTAV Online Out Performed Expectations News

Pretty big expectations then...

14 May 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Titanfall Triumphant Again News

Xbox 360 release breathes new life into EA's start title.

22 Apr 2014

Spoof GTA 5 Game Makes a Point News

A parody that is trying to get your cash

04 Apr 2014

UK Video Games Charts - inFamous Wins Again News

It seems that there is no movement expect sales falls

31 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - PS4 Exclusive Wins News

Titanfall is toppled from the #1 Spot

24 Mar 2014

UK Game Charts - South Park Rules News

Thief is banged up...

10 Mar 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Stolen News

Thief takes the top spot from LEGO

03 Mar 2014

GTAV DLC Brings More to Story Mode News

"The Business Update" DLC brings more than coats and cars

27 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - Everything is Awesome News

LEGO movie tie-on remains on top of an illusion of choice.

24 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Broken by LEGO News

The Lego Movie Videogame has shaken up the Top 20 of the UK video game charts

17 Feb 2014

BAFTA Games Award Nominations Are In! News

See the full list here

12 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts - FIFA's Back News

10 weeks at the #1 spot for the footy title

10 Feb 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA Tackled by Lara Croft News

At last! A reboot unseats a sequel from the Number 1 spot.

03 Feb 2014

GTA V for PC Coming: Pre-Orders Friday News

Europe set to get the PC version according to one Norwegian

29 Jan 2014

PS3 GTA V Goes Under Water News

New PS3 mod adds sub mariner fun

27 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: FIFA 14 Again News

Nothing changes at this time of year

27 Jan 2014

GTA Online Gets 10 New Jobs 'Verified' By Rockstar News

All created by players

23 Jan 2014

UK Video Game Charts: Still FIFA 14 News

Post-Xmas torpor means no real changes in the games charts

21 Jan 2014

Rockstar Targets GTA Online Cheats News

Plans to counter with updates

16 Jan 2014

SPOnG's Videogames Review of 2013: October Feature

More hardware, more GTA, a spot of nudity

02 Jan 2014

SPOnG's Videogames Review of 2013: September Feature

Hardware, GTA V, Hardware, GTA V, Hardware...

02 Jan 2014

GTA V Beats James Bond and Quentin Tarantino News

GfK Chart-Track, ERA and The Official Charts Company show a winning year for games!

01 Jan 2014

Last UK Video Game Charts of 2013 News

Does bang! Bang! Pew! Wooosh! beat "I say ref!"?

30 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Xmas Charts: FIFA Beats CoD News

Sport wins the loves of grannies and aunties this year

23 Dec 2013

WTF NEWS: Babies Fear the Realism of GTAV! News

Seriously... this actually is happening...

19 Dec 2013

GTA Online Capture Update Coming Today Press Release

We are happy to announce that Capture - the newest addition to the collection of team-based modes in Grand Theft Auto Online, will be available today as part of the latest free automatic update on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live

18 Dec 2013

GTAV DLC and More Announced for South San Andreas! News

Rockstar making announcements for Grand Theft Auto V today - Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this week

10 Dec 2013

GTA Online Update: Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this Week, Capture Mode and More on the Way Press Release

GTA Online Update: Free Deathmatch & Race Creators this Week, Capture Mode and More on the Way

10 Dec 2013

UK Video Game Charts: Gran Turismo 6 Crashes News

Sony's PS3-only title has a terrible opening

09 Dec 2013

The GTA Online Beach Bum Update is Now Available Press Release

The world of Grand Theft Auto Online gets even deeper with the Beach Bum update, now available on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

19 Nov 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - New Beach Bum Update Detailed News

Beach Bum update is due to hit next week

13 Nov 2013

GTA Online Free Beach Bum Update Hits Next Week: New Weapons, Vehicles, Jobs and More Press Release

Get ready to tear up the coast and kick up some sand with the free Grand Theft Auto Online Beach Bum update that will be coming next week Tuesday November 19th.

13 Nov 2013

At Last! All GTAV Online Bugs Are Dead News

Grand Theft Auto V stimulus package is here!

07 Nov 2013

Birmingham Tops List for Buying Most Violent Videogames News

Daily Mail tries to link it to crime figures

05 Nov 2013

GTA V Stimulus Pack Still Delayed News

Still.... not... quite.... ready

01 Nov 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Already Outsold Lifetime Sales of GTA IV News

GTAV ships vast numbers into retail

30 Oct 2013

Tesco Gets Prime Chunk of GTAV Money News

Both ASDA and Tesco have benefited hugely from 'violent video game' sales.

28 Oct 2013

UK Videogame Charts: Batman Takes Down GTA V News

FIFA and Skylanders also taken down a peg

28 Oct 2013

Rockstar Delaying GTAV Payments News

No emergency payouts until all the bugs are fixed

25 Oct 2013

GTAV Online: New Patch Misses Cash News

"Unlimited Money Glitch" right here for Grand Theft Auto V

22 Oct 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online Review

Is it bigger than its problems?

22 Oct 2013

GTA Online Repeat Payout Cuts Confirmed by Rockstar News

Change snuck out in Friday's patch

21 Oct 2013

UK Videogames Charts: Skylanders Can't Budge GTA V News

Grand Theft Auto V and FIFA 14 still dominate

21 Oct 2013

UK Videogames Charts: GTA V Takes FIFA 14 Down a Peg News

Pokemon and Beyond: Two Souls have strong starts

14 Oct 2013

Rockstar Compensates For GTAV Online Issues News

500,000 GTA $ each - woo!

11 Oct 2013

How to Earn Cash Quickly In GTA Online News

It's not cheating, we promise... (yes it is)

11 Oct 2013

GTA V Coming To PC Early 2014 News

According to multiple industry sources

10 Oct 2013

GTA V - Aftermath Opinion

What's happened since the launch

10 Oct 2013

Guinness World Records: Gaming is No Longer A Niche Hobby News

As GTAV smashes records left right and centre

09 Oct 2013

Intel Claims Foul Play in No PC GTAV News

Paranoia or hard cold fact as Intel executive calls 'bung'

09 Oct 2013

Rockstar Exploring Lost GTAV Characters News

The online GTAV problems are now getting beyond acceptable.

07 Oct 2013

UK Video Game Charts - Viva FIFA 14 News

More new entries than you can shake a stick at

07 Oct 2013

"You Don't Want GTAV Bringing Your Kids Up" News

So says the man from GTAV

04 Oct 2013

GTAV Online PS3 Patch Live! News

Rockstar moving faster than expected... Xbox 360 patch news soon

04 Oct 2013

Rockstar Hopes for GTAV Patch 'Tomorrow' News

Rockstar also has some ideas for you to get along with while you wait

04 Oct 2013

GTAV - Microtransactions Suspended News

Rockstar still trying to get Grand Theft Auto online working properly

03 Oct 2013

GTA Online Details: Game Day Access Info and More Press Release

Everything you need to know to get playing

01 Oct 2013

UK Videogame Charts: FIFA 14 vs GTA V News

Grand Theft Auto V takes big sales drop and STILL performs well

30 Sep 2013

GTA V Pushes UK Retail to a £100m Week News

2.25m copies sold in just 5 days

27 Sep 2013

Rockstar "Hopes" GTA Online Will "All Run Incredibly Smoothly" News

"Please bear with us if it doesn't, and help us fix any and all problems!"

26 Sep 2013

GTA V Maker Wants to Bully Again News

Rockstar leader wants sequel to the controversial title

25 Sep 2013

GTA Online Microtransaction Details Here News

From £1.99 - £13.49

25 Sep 2013

Rumour: GTA Online Set for Microtransactions News

More cash for Grand Theft Auto Online

24 Sep 2013

UK Videogame Charts: GTA V Outsells Entire Universe News

GTA V quite literally rules video gaming today

23 Sep 2013

GTA V: Vehicles disappearing News

... and losing upgrades

23 Sep 2013

GTAV PC Rumoured for November Release News

And UK retailer puts it on sale... already

19 Sep 2013

IT Crowd Writer Slams GTA V News

"They're not writers!" says Graham Linehan

19 Sep 2013

GTA V - Rockstar Rolls Out The Bug Busters News

Get your installs and bug fixes here!

18 Sep 2013

Rockstar Warning on Xbox 360 GTA V Install News

Issues 'Optimal installation' guidance.

17 Sep 2013

GTAV Blamed for London Stabbing News

Man mugged... game blamed

17 Sep 2013

GTA V Review

Rockstar's best kept secret

16 Sep 2013

GTA V Cheats Hit Nibble

16 Sep 2013

Pictured: Get GTA V Early - Pay the Price News

Amazing retail price for a few hours of early play

16 Sep 2013

Outrage at Playstation GTA V Change News

Pre-load date sours PS+ members day

13 Sep 2013

GTA V Midnight Launch - Almost 2000 Stores To Open News

Retailers to open early, late and dress up in silly outfits

13 Sep 2013

GTA V Map: Not So Big After All? News

Can it really be bigger than GTA IV, San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption combined? We found out.

12 Sep 2013

Amazon Lists GTA V on PS4! Nibble

11 Sep 2013

GTA V Online - Mission Creation as Easy as Texting News

GTA V online has 500 missions and you can make your own too!

11 Sep 2013

Houser - Making of GTA V Like Apocalypse Now News

"In that realm of excitement and misery at the same time."

09 Sep 2013

GTA V Release to 'Rewrite History Books' News

Expected to sell 25 million copies in first year

09 Sep 2013

Rockstar Pressures UK Retailer on GTA V News

That's a nice release date you've got there... shame if someone broke it.

05 Sep 2013

The Big One: The GTA V 'Official Trailer' News

Nearly there now...

29 Aug 2013

Sony Apologises for GTA V Blunder News

Grand Theft Auto V Leak has now been patched

27 Aug 2013

Video: GTA V Online Revealed News

Grand Theft Auto V in more moving pictures

15 Aug 2013

Here Comes the GTA V Denial News

As if you didn't see this one coming from nVidia

14 Aug 2013

Rockstar Launches GTA V 'Interactive Travelogue' News

Plus: new screens!

13 Aug 2013

Whoops! GTA V Coming to the PC this Autumn News

PC version of blockbuster Grand Theft Auto title is coming before Xmas - unless we're hugely misunderstanding an investor call

13 Aug 2013

GTA V Region Lock Info Comes Out News

Beware if you live in Japan though

12 Aug 2013

GTA V vs Max Payne 3 Combat Video is Saddening News

Wow, check out this comparison for anti-lols

30 Jul 2013

Hey Look! New GTA V Screens Nibble

29 Jul 2013

More Grand Theft Auto V Details - Replaceable Dog Bling News

Also Jetskis and more.

16 Jul 2013

GTA V's Lead Mission Designer Talks Gameplay News

Interesting features galore

12 Jul 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - Gameplay Reveal Trailer Here! News

Quick! Come and watch it!

09 Jul 2013

GTA V Lastest Trailers Here Live News

Come 4pm you will be watching

30 Apr 2013

Hey Look! GTA V Cover Art Nibble

02 Apr 2013

New GTA V Screens Nibble

27 Mar 2013

Rockstar on GTA V Delays: 'Conspiracy Theories' are "Nonsense" News

No reason other than added polish.

05 Feb 2013

Grand Theft Auto V Pushed Back to September News

Additional development time required.

31 Jan 2013

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Press Release

Rockstar Games is proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch worldwide for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system on September 17, 2013.

31 Jan 2013

Rockstar 'Considering' Wii U Version of Grand Theft Auto V News

Nintendo says it "has a responsibility" to invite Rockstar to the console.

19 Nov 2012

GTA V to Major on Multiplayer News

Multiplayer is the "most vital" point to GTA V

14 Nov 2012

Rockstar Sends News of GTA V Trailer Info - It's GOOD NEWS News

But watch the new trailer right here tomorrow...

13 Nov 2012

GTA V - the Three Main Characters Described + New Shots News

Tinker, Tailor, Pyscho Criminal ... GTA V goes in new directions

12 Nov 2012

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay to Feature "Built-Out Series of Heists" News

Dan Houser wants to do a bank job, and do it well.

09 Nov 2012

Grand Theft Auto V's Three Protagonists Unveiled News

Residing in Los Santos.

08 Nov 2012

Hurricane Sandy SNAFU for Second GTA V Trailer News

But Limited Edition pre-order freebies announced... apparently

02 Nov 2012

Rockstar Games Announces Grand Theft Auto V Coming Spring 2013 Press Release

New York, NY - October 30, 2012 - Rockstar Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is very proud to announce that Grand Theft Auto V is expected to launch worldwide during spring 2013 for the PS®3 and the Xbox 360®

31 Oct 2012

GTA V - Spring 2013 Release Leaked in Brighton News

GAME Group apparently lets release date loose

30 Oct 2012

Rumour: Leaked Grand Theft Auto V Poster Suggests Spring 2013 Release News

Rockstar and Take 2 have yet to respond.

29 Oct 2012

Skyrim Scores Hat Trick at Golden Joystick Awards News

Plus: Stephen Fry robot presents Best Handheld award to stunned crowd.

26 Oct 2012

GameStop Dates GTA V, Upcoming Preview in Game Informer News

Will be cover star in December issue.

12 Oct 2012

Take 2: GTA V is "Making Substantial Progress" News

No release date because Rockstar hasn't given it one

21 Sep 2012

New GTA V Shots - Helicopter! News

One of the GTA shots reminds us of PlayStation Home

12 Jul 2012

GTA V is Likely Reason for Bioshock Infinite Delay News

That is if you believe analysts guessing over journalists guessing.

10 May 2012

GTA V - March 2013 Release Stated News

Next GTA gets street date... just not according to Rockstar or Take 2.

13 Apr 2012

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